Summer Big Fun Workbook Preschool Readiness

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Get ready for preschool! Designed for children who are about to begin school for the first time, this activity-rich, teacher-approved workbook combines skills practice with puzzles, humor, and reward stickers. This book lowers the barriers to learning and sets children up for early learning success.

Highlights brings Fun with a Purpose into this 144-page workbook to get kids excited about school before they even begin. This workbook introduces essential early learning skills and concepts, such as fine-motor control, letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. The book also encourages the development of other fundamental building blocks of learning--like focus and attention to detail--and it introduces what to expect in a preschool classroom. Plus, kids will love the bonus pull-out Hidden Pictures progress poster, fun reward stickers, award certificate, and extra activities that they can take outdoors.


Format: Paperback

Author: Highlights  LearningStaff

Publisher: Highlights Learning 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review