44 Cats: Meet the Cats

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Based on the all-new animated preschool show on Nickelodeon, this pawesome tabbed board book is perfect for any 44 Cats fan! Laugh, sing, and dance along as you meet all of the cats in the neighborhood.

Meet everyone’s favorite band of furry fellows in this adorable 44 Cats tabbed board book. From Lampo to Meatball, this book is filled with cool cats!

44 Cats is an animated preschool comedy starring four cats: Lampo, Milady, Meatball, and Pilou. Also known as The Buffycats, they transform the garage into their clubhouse—a place where all cats from the neighborhood get together to have fun, relax, and most of all to help each other.

Pages: 18

Format: Board Book

Author: Rainbow

Illustrator: Rainbow

Publisher: Harper Festival


(No reviews yet) Write a Review