About Sweeties


 Sweeties is multi-faceted learning company that operates an e-commerce children’s bookstore, operates monthly book clubs, produces learning materials, and provides virtual learning classes and tutoring for preschoolers to adults.  

We believe and take to heart two important business mottoes. First "Always under promise and over deliver" and "Our customer is the only reason we are in business."  Sweeties is in existence for and because of our customers. We will do our best to satisfy our customer with each interaction and purchase if not we will do our darndest to make it right.


Sweeties is headquartered in the Shenandoah Valley of West Virginia made famous by the song” Country Roads” by John Denver. We are strategically located 75 miles from both Baltimore, MD and Washington DC near the 1-81 Corridor that runs from Kingsport, TN to Toronto, Canada.


 The Sweeties name is almost as important as our company's mission and vision. Culture in many regards is defined by language. The southern part of the United States has a distinct culture and language that goes with it.  The language of the south is full of endearing terms.  Sweeties is an endearing term used to show feeling toward others. Sweeties has endearing feeling to the customers we serve. We hope all our Sweeties will enjoy our products and services till the Cows Come in.