Are You Eating Candy Without Me?

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In this delightfully illustrated picture book, readers explore theFear of Missing Out as four children imagine what wild, zany, and impossible adventures the adults in their lives must surely get up to when they are not with them.

Four different children from three different families ponder what the adults in their lives do during the day. Are they jumping on trampolines? Are they eating cake and ice cream while riding birthday ponies? Are they eating candy with other adults? After a series of hilariously illustrated and wildly imaginative scenarios, readers learn an important lesson: The adults who love them think about them constantly and are most definitely, certainly, ABSOLUTELY . . . not eating candy without them. Or are they?

Pages: 32

Format: Hardcover and Audio Available

Author: Draga Jenny Malesevic

Illustrator: Charlotte Bruijn

Publisher: Penguin Workshop 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review