Behind the Bookcase: Miep Gies, Anne Frank, and the Hiding Place

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Anne Frank's diary is a gift to the world because of Miep Gies.

One of the protectors of the Frank family, Miep recovered the diary after the family was discovered by Nazis, and then returned it to Otto Frank after World War II. Displaced from her own home as a child during World War I, Miep had great empathy for Anne, and she found ways--like talking about Hollywood gossip and fashion trends--to engage her. The story of their relationship--and the impending danger to the family in hiding--unfolds in this unique perspective of Anne Frank's widely known story. An important read for children ages 7 to11 in grades 2 to 5 grade.

Pages: 40

Format: Paperback and Hardcover available

Author: Barbara Lowell

Illustrator: Valentina Toro

Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing


(No reviews yet) Write a Review