Dog Diaries: Double-Dog Dare: Dog Diaries & Dog Diaries: Happy Howlidays

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Life as a dog is full of tail-wagging adventures. Join Junior the lovable mischief-making canine in this two-in-one bindup of Dog Diaries and Dog Diaries: Happy Howlidays.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
Junior is so excited to get to tell you all the fun stuff he's been up to: like protecting his home from evil raccoons and those people who bring mail every day. But then he gets in trouble and must go to . . .
Then comes the holidays, and Junior discovers the deliciousness of a roast turkey, which he can't help but taste. A "taste" that gets him labeled a Bad Boy.
Now he's in the dog house . . . AGAIN.
Will Junior ever redeem himself and earn the title of GOOD BOY?

Pages: 464

Format: Hardcover

Author: James Patteron and Stevn Butler

Illustrator: Richard Watson

Publisher: Jimmy Patterson



(No reviews yet) Write a Review