Develop Academic Skills in Nurturing and Convenient Environment


                           Sweeties K-8 Tutoring

Sweeties K-8 Tutoring provides a nurturing, safe, and affordable educational opportunity for children in K-8 grades to further develop or improved their academic skills. Our program provides students the opportunity to further develop or improve academic skills in the areas of reading, writing,

mathematics, science, social studies, and Spanish.

Students will experience one on one direct instruction and use Sweeties quality learning materials to master skills taught during their one on one learning sessions. Most importantly learning will be FUN!!!

Students can either receive in person or virtual instruction. Sweeties follows state mandates and Sweeties ensures teachers are healthy before attending your child's session. During virtually tutoring,  Sweeties uses Google meets secure video educational conferencing to provide real time instruction. Upon enrolling in Sweeties K-8 tutoring, students will be provided a secure link each week for you to attend class. Students will also provide a google classroom code to access learning materials to develop skill mastery on skills taught during the direct instruction sessions.


Our program is 45 minutes in length and student can choose to enroll in either our 2 or 4 day a week program. We offer morning, afternoon,  evening, and weekend sessions for your convenience. To find out more please email customerservice@sweetiesbooks.com or call (888)773-0155.

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